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Press Release to mark World Environment Day on June 5...CCDI advocates

CCDI advocates attitudinal change for sustainable environment

Centre for Convention on Democratic lntegrity(CCDI) has called on people to re-examine their unsustainable consumption patterns as direct step to re-imagine their dreams for a good life and protection of the environment that will spread economic growth.

A statement issued by Mr Olufemi Aduwo, Executive Director of Centre to mark this year’s world Environment Day, said the centre believed that in dealing with issues such as extreme poverty and health care,we must focus on problems that are related to environment challenges. The world possesses the tools needed to effectively mitigate climate change, poverty and other critical issues that affecting the present generation and possibly extended to coming generations.A friendly present and future with much better prospect for development and economic growth is possible with shift towards green economy with potential and opportunities that would accelerate sustainable growth, social development that would reduce inequality between developing and advanced economies.

“We live in a nation of abundance, where food production outstrips demand; yet more than half of the population are undernourished and childhood stunting is a silent pandemic. To create the future we want, we must correct this injustice. “We must ensure access to adequate nutrition for all, double the productivity of small scale farmers who grow the bulk of the food in the nation, and make food systems sustainable in the face of environmental and economic shocks. “Sustainable development is about human needs without undermining the integrity, stability and beauty of natural biotic systems. Overconsumption of food is detrimental to our health,” the statement said.

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