About Us

We are guided by our vision that empowerment of the people will enhance powerful force in meeting common global challenges and opportunities.

CCDI was established on the ground that people’s involvement in all levels of government decision making is essential.

The organisation is committed to combating corruption; promotion of enduring democracy; sustainable electoral process; monitoring of Nigerian government compliance with international treaties, which are made to promote peace and progress within and among Nations.

CCDI works to strengthen and improve the understanding of sustainable development. We achieve this through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support sustainable development as issue for this generation and generations after.


What We Value

We believe in the power of knowledge and its capacity to mobilise human beings to create a better society.We are committed to making a difference; we strive for what can be and not settle for what is.People all over the world are experiencing the most severe set of interconnected global problems, financial, economic, climate change and scarcity of basic needs.Today’s complex problems require solutions that reflect partnerships among all sectors. We will provides the connection between the dynamism inspired by a citizen focused orientation and expert knowledge on relevant issues.

 The Centre is non‐partisan and it seeks to work collaboratively with other organisations from the highest levels of government to local communities across the globe to find solutions to suffering and reduce the gap between the haves and have not.

Who we are


We are a Non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland, United States and Federal Republic of Nigeria, working for a stronger and effective sustainable development, democratization process, peace and security.

What we believe


We believe that peoples involvement in all levels of government decision making is essential in order to achieve peace and security, human rights attainment, sustainable development and democratisation process.