Collection point of erosion into drinkable water

The President of CCDI - Nigeria transmitting complain of a voter to election Commissioner

President of CCDI - Nigeria, sitting with students in the class during discussion of Sustainable Development by Prof. Danfulani

Voters at Polling Unit

President of CCDI - Nigeria and other Members

CCDI was established on the ground that people’s involvement in all levels of government decision making is essential. The organisation is committed to combating corruption; promotion of enduring democracy; sustainable electoral process; monitoring of Nigerian government compliance with international treaties, which are made to promote peace and progress within and among Nations…
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Our Mission

The Centre for Convention on  Democratic Integrity Ltd/ Gte, a non- profit organisation registered in Nigeria is guided by the principles of justice and equity in partnership with Rights Monitoring Group on a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering, seeks to  enhance sustainable development in sub sahara Africa.