In a groundbreaking initiative, the Center for Convention on Democratic Integrity (CCDI) orchestrated a transformative event at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ife. Focused on “Energy Security, Sustainability, and Profitability in Nigeria,” the conference explored key advances, challenges, and opportunities in the nation’s dynamic energy sector.

Distinguished by the presence of the NNPC Group Managing Director as the esteemed guest speaker, the event brought together thought leaders, experts, and stakeholders to dissect critical facets of Nigeria’s energy future. From discussions on innovative solutions to current challenges to the identification of promising opportunities, the conference was a beacon for those passionate about advancing the sustainability and profitability of the nation’s energy resources.

Vice Chancellor OAU -Prof A.S. Bamire with the Group Chief Executive Officer – Melo Kolo Kyari

The Chairman – Tola Badejo, with The Guest Speaker, Melo Kolo Kyari and CCDI President, Olufemi Aduwo

A cross section of attendees during the lecture

Olufemi Aduwo, Melo Kolo Kyari, HRM Ooni of Ife and Prof. A.S Bamire during a courtsey call to the Palace.

Group Chief Executive Officer – Melo Kolo Kyari givinghis lecture